Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails Course Curriculum

What is Ruby?
What is it used for?
Where do I get and install Ruby?
Core facilities, built-in library and standard library
Basic concepts - object orientation, regular expressions, arrays, hashes, etc.
Basic Ruby Language Elements
Structure of statements and comments
Variables and constants
Operators. Assignments, calculations, etc. Integer, float and string formats
Single and double quotes, here documents, general strings
Control Structures
Blocks and the if statement
Writing conditions
Comparative, boolean and range operators
Conditionals - if, unless, case, etc. Loops - while, for in, until, etc. break, next, retry and redo. defined? and ternary operators.
Object Orientation: Individual Objects
History - unstructured and structured code. Introduction to object oriented programming
Classes and methods
Static and nonstatic
Instances, constructors and destructors
Accessing members of a class
Loading and using classes
Direct access to variables
Encouraging class use
Classes and Objects
Objects, classes and methods
Constructors and attributes
Instance and class variables
Local and global variables
Class and object methods
Including files - load and require
Collections (Arrays and Hashes) in Ruby
What is a collection?
Arrays and hashes
Constructing an array
Nesting arrays. Hash keys, iterators, etc.
More Classes and Objects
Public, private and protected visibility
Singletons and defs
Inheritance mixins, and super
Destructors and garbage collection
Namespaces and modules
Calling methods with code blocks
Looking inside objects - reflection
Strings and Regular Expressions
Anchors, literals, character groups and counts
Matching in Ruby
Modifiers i, o, x and m
Pattern matching variables
Special Variables and Pseudo-Variables
ARGV, $0 and friends - the command line
Other special variables from $: through $$ to $<
Environment variables
Reserved words in Ruby
begin and end (and a mention of BEGIN and END)
Raise and rescue
Throw and catch
Ruby on the Web
CGI and the Ruby Apache Module
Using cgi.rb; URL decoding, forms, sessions, cookies, etc.
Embedding Ruby in HTML - the <% <%= and <%# tags
Ruby GUIs, XML, MySQL Database Connectivity
Using Ruby/DBI to connect to MySQL, Oracle, etc.
What is MVC Architecture?
Importance of it?
How it helps?
What are WebApplications?
Essentials of WebApplications?
SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
Database Architecture
Configuration Management (concept & tools)
Application/Web Servers
Rails Framework
What is Ruby on Rails?
MVC (Model, view, controller) design principles
Rails structures -
WEBrick servers,
URLs and embedded code
Directory structure
Database connections Creating the application the database and tables
First application through Scaffolds
Validation and customising the display
Adding a new controller
Adding viewers and layouts
Active Records
Emailing and logging from within Rails
Ajax on Rails
How to implement AJAX on Rails framework?
What is Protoype?
What is Scriptaculous?
Ajax Effects
Rich UI experience
Visual Effects