PHP & MySQL Course Curriculum

The Origin of PHP
PHP is better than Its alternatives
Interfaces to External systems
How PHP works with the Web Server
Hardware and Software requirements
What a PHP script looks like
Saving data for later
Receiving user input
Repeating code
Basic PHP Development
How PHP scripts work
Basic PHP syntax
PHP data types
Displaying type information
Testing for a specific data type
Changing type with Set type
Variable manipulation
Dynamic variables
String in PHP
Control Structures
The if statement
Using the else clause with if statement
The switch statement
Using the ? operator
The while statement
The do while statement
The for statement
Breaking out of loops
Nesting loops
What a function
Defining a function
Returning value from function
User-defined functions
Dynamic function calls
Variable scope
Accessing variable with the global statement
Function calls with the static statement
Setting default values for arguments
Passing arguments to a function by value
Passing arguments to a function by reference
Testing for function existence
Single-Dimensional Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays
Casting Arrays
Associative arrays
Accessing arrays
Getting the size of an array
Looping through an array
Looping through an associative array
Examining arrays
Joining arrays
Sorting arrays
Sorting an associative arrays
Working With The File System
Creating and deleting a file
Reading and writing text files
Working with directories in PHP
Checking for existence of file
Determining file size
Opening a file for writing, reading, or appending
Writing Data to the file
Reading characters
Working With Forms
Super global variables
The server array
A script to acquire user input
Importing user input
Accessing user input
Combine HTML and PHP code
Using hidden fields
Redirecting the user
File upload and scripts
Working With Regular Expressions
The basic regular expressions
Matching patterns
Finding matches
Replace patterns
Breakup Strings
Classes And Objects
Objects oriented programming
Define a class
An Object
Creating an object
Object properties
Object methods
Object constructors and destructors
Class constants
Class inheritance
Abstract classes and methods
Object serialization
Checking for class and method existence
Introduction To Database
Introduction to SQL
Connecting to the MYSQL
Selecting a database
Finding out about errors
Adding data to a table
Acquiring the value
Finding the number of rows
Inserting data
Entering and updating data
Executing multiple queries
The anatomy of a cookie
Setting a cookie with PHP
Deleting a cookie
Creating session cookie
Working with the query string
Creating query string
What is session
Starting a session
Working with session variables
Destroying session
Passing session Ids
Encoding and decoding session variables
Disk Access, I/O, Math And Mail
HTTP connections
Writing to the browser
Getting input from forms
Output buffering
Session handling
Regular expression
Common math
Random numbers
File upload
File download
Environment variables
E-mail in PHP
Joomla (Content Management System and Web Application Framework)
Detail discussion of component, module, mambots and complete workflow of Joomla
How to create component & module in Joomla
Customization of existing component and modules
Overview of Joomla 1.5
Smarty (Library For Creating HTML Templates)
Discussion of smarty
Discussion of variable and function and its uses
Practical application of smarty
PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository)
Discuss framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components
Discussion of pear
Practical application of pear in combination with smarty
Cake PHP (Rapid Development Framework)
Discussion of cake PHP framework
Model, View, Controller Architecture
View Helpers for AJAX, Javascript, HTML Forms and more
Built-in Validation
Application Scaffolding
Application and CRUD code generation via Bake
Access Control Lists
Data Sanitization
Security, Session, and Request Handling Components
Flexible View Caching
Practical application of cake PHP framework
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
Introduction to AJAX
Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Object
Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest
Application of AJAX in web application
Os Commerce (Open Source Shopping Cart)
Introduction to Shopping Cart
Introduction to osCommerce opensource
Discussion of various module of osCommerce
Customization of existing template and module