Digital mission for "Physics ka Gyaan by Dr. Ghufran" By offering conceptual classes, we could reduce the achievement gaps between students from affluent and poor households, as well as those who live in urban and rural locations. Actually, the purpose of these programs is to assist everyone who has an interest in a student's education, whether they are directly or indirectly involved, such as the student, their parents, their principals, and their professors.
Therefore there are enormous benefits of “Physics ka Gyaan by Dr. Ghufran”
• It engages the student through the use of PCs/ laptops/tablets/ smart phones.
• Students learn at own pace.
• Students can ask questions without feeling embarrassed before teachers and classmates.
• In short, it helps a student learn and score high marks.

“Change your Learning method and India will become super power”
a) Conceptual study in place of subjective approach
b) Reasoning approach, to encourage the student to ask question, if not, then you ask the question.
c) Indirectly Research approach by asking the questions like what, why, how? By activating their subconscious mind then put the topic at the right time in their mind.
d) Result will be Research/Invention/scientist/super power.
1. Physics aids in our understanding of how our environment and the cosmos function.
2. Comprehension of or interest in nature
3. Fundamental science is what all natural sciences are based on.
EXAMPLES: Earth's, moon's, sun's, satellites, DNA, and other celestial bodies' movements quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, quarks, black holes, and other natural catastrophes that occur all around us. the components of physics: mechanics.
Physics is divided into several categories, including atomic and nuclear physics, electromagnetic, photonics, and relativity.

Physics is incredibly important to our daily life. Transport, building, and telecommunications, healthcare technology including MRI scanners, portable electronic gadgets, computers, televisions, watches, and many more contemporary technologies LIKE AI, ROBOTICS, and AVR.
The "Father of Modern Physics" moniker has been given to Einstein, Galileo, and Newton. In honor of Galileo's role in the scientific revolution and his contributions to observational astronomy, Newton, Galileo, and Einstein were given this title, as well as because of their respective contributions to the development of the theory of relativity.

What exactly is physics?
The capacity to solve problems, theoretical ideas, mathematical calculations, Among all sciences, physics is king. What makes physics?
1. Impacts of these classes on the current systems
• Physics ka Gyaan by Dr. Ghufran does not replace teachers. It is meant to assist and empower them.
• Makes the current systems more effective, responsive and accountable.
• Frees the teachers to teach and spend less time on routine work.
• The teacher is engaged with the students through these classes
• The performance of each school and each class is measured so that steps can be taken to continuously improve it.
2. How colleges/Govt. get benefited by using our learning system.
• It levels the playing field between the urban elites and the rural areas.
• It helps solve the problem of lack of qualified teachers and facilities in rural areas
• Digital technology provides the same content to all students.
• Fosters accountability on the part of institutions, colleges and the teachers
• Brings India in league with the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and China
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