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Enterpreneur & Founder

  • From Unemployment To Employment

  • Through Skill Training With Over 27 Years Of Legacy

  • Technology Without Humanity Is Dangerous For Humankind

  • A Good AI(Artificial Intelligence) Needs Good EI (Emotional Intelligence)

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(formerly Indian Institute of Computer Technology-IICT)

Experience Learning at India's Most Reliable Digital Skills Institute that was founded in 1996. The IICT offers courses in 14+ Skill/Vocational/PMKVY in Electronics and ESDM (Electronics System Design and Manufacturing) Sector and services in development, consultancy. IICT has enhanced its number of centres. We believe our program combines the highest academic standard with knowledge that companies & other organizations want & this know-how makes us."BETTER OF THE BEST" to place student with good jobs.

With 27+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, the CEO/FOUNDER/PRESIDENT of the Indian Institute of Computer Technology (IICT), Graminfotech Pvt. Ltd., and the Society for Computer Educational Research having a Minority status under section 2(g) National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act. 2004, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India.

Having a doctorate degree in physics with various international publications and workshops and bearing some professional certifications of IT services like training, development, and consultancy. Author of 4 Books in Electronics, Computer Peripherals—Part I, Computer Peripherals—Part II, and Computer Networking—Do it yourself

Objective & Values

To give one million Indians economic self-sufficiency in this journey towards better global opportunities from unemployment to employment through consultancy, development, skill training.

To establish an effective partnership network and become a global powerhouse in the creation of Jobs. The five guiding pillars of access, equity, quality, affordability, and accountability. It will equip our youth to take on a variety of present-day and upcoming national and international concerns.

We strictly prohibits discrimination against any applicant or employee throughout the selection or admissions process, regardless of that person's race, colour, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, or position as a parent or guardian.

At this point, Life is nothing but to serve the humanity without any discrimination. We must always establish a justice in our family and then whole of the universe as per our ability.” We cannot serve the humanity if we engage our self in any human made religion, which creates discrimination.

If any human creating discrimination among human on the basis of religion then it is self doctrine by human for their own personal benefits. You must overcome from all types of religious rituals to establish a peace in the universe. We should learn from nature, it gives every one without any discrimination like sun light and shower of rain for every creature on the face of earth. So give to everyone like nature, if we have a power; give the justice to the victim without any delay. If we have power of money then help those who are waiting, start from your dears and nears.









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  • +91 9897278615   8433059185

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